MMM14: Day 4

For Day 4 of Me-Made-May’14 I have for you an awesomely blingy, flowy, stretchy, comfy undershirty thing 🙂


What exactly, do you ask, is wrong with it????

Nothing is wrong with it… except it’s crazy long. Like, to my calves long. I’m 5’2 or 5’3… I can never seem to get an accurate gauge on the mystery that is my height. It’s a rather bizarre phenomenon that I doubt I’ll ever know the true measurement of. Why the simplest of things seem to be so difficult, I’ll never know.

So, we cut

And, I ran the raw edge under my machine using a very tight zig zag


It was still a little big. Dressbarn sizes typically run large, in my opinion. As arbitrary as sizes are, I’m still always, always, always a size 8/Medium. At the DB, I’m “Small”. That might be why I love shopping there so much 🙂

I purchased this a few summers ago on crazy clearance. I think I only paid about $4 for it.  I probably would have gotten a small if one was available…

Luckily, there’s an easy no sew solution to this problem:

Why overthink it, right?



See how the zig zag stitch on the stretchy fabric makes it curly? It’s the “lettuce leaf” 🙂


This length works much better on persons that are 5’2 …or 5’3


4 down, 27 to go

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