MMM14: Day 3, A basic T

I know it’s only .99 cents… but I seriously regretted this purchase:


There were several of these in various sizes, which means they came from a department store’s final, final, FINAL clearance rack… and still no one wanted them. That’s sad for the department store (and the shirt…); lucky for me 🙂 I get a new shirt for $1

…but I had NO idea what to do with it.

The print annoyed me more than anything. I typically go for bold prints but I figured if I toned this print down I would like it better.

Pearl to the rescue

I figured this should help, right? So, I dyed it and hung it up to dry in my shower. Our washer and dryer went out… It’s always something


And this is what it looked like dry:

The print looks better MY way 😉

And, it’s still freezing in May here in Indiana…

In case you, ya know, couldn’t tell and needed me to point it out for you

Overcast skies makes for better camera lighting though. #SilverLining 🙂

I have to admit I really like the simplicity of my new shirt. Less truly is more sometimes. It’ll be nice to have a basic everyday T-shirt I can dress up or down as needed.


3 down, 28 to go


5 thoughts on “MMM14: Day 3, A basic T

  1. I would never have thought of dying a grey top grey..! It really works… you’ve got me hankering after a dye job now! *rifles through refashion pile*
    (and – just got to say – hasn’t your hair grown?!! Looking gorgeous as ever!)

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