MMM14: Day 2

Today’s piece, brought to you by Me-Made-May’14,  is a Jr.’s prom dress from the late 90s, I’m sure 🙂


It looked super small but I decided to go for broke and try it on…


Thank God for bad lighting… trust me, these poor seams are holding on for dear life!

What attracted me to the dress in the first place was the black lace. I wanted it bad. I rarely get items in too-small-for-me sizes. It’s so much easier to make something smaller than bigger. But, I had to have that lace 🙂

So, first off I cut the red fabric from the black lace. I wanted to make a shirt and actually invested in a pattern.


Confession: I bought this a while ago and have used it several times, tweaking it as I want because who wants a million of the exact same shirt?

As a sewing instructor I thought it would behoove me to know how to use a pattern, despite the fact I despise them.

I got to work:

See where I’m going with this?

I decided I wanted the final product to be shorter in length so, of course, I made a modification 🙂


I decided to make the sleeves out of the black lace

I mean, seriously, how cool is this gonna be? 🙂

But then… I got really inspired and decided to do a little lace overlay on the top of the shirt itself.


After I constructed/sewed all the pieces together, I made some bias tape with the left over red satin.


Pin it to the raw edge of the entire neckline…


Sew it down… and finish up those hems on the sleeve and the bottom of the shirt, of course.

A rolled hem… what else? 🙂

I dare say I’m done.


Would you believe it’s still freezing in Indiana this time of year? Well, it is. Hence, the sweater… And, I’m seriously SO over it.


‘Nother confession: I made this shirt, um, QUITE a while ago. I was hoping to wear it for Valentine’s Day or something but it was just WAY too cold.

The whole point of Me-Made-May’14 is to inspire refashionistas to WEAR their homemade garments in May. Yes, I made this a while ago… but I wore it in May 🙂 …freezing May.

Have I mentioned I have sensitive eyes? lol

My final confession: I really, really like my new top. It only cost me .99 cents (and a stupid pattern, that I still didn’t follow…). I know I’ll be wearing this a lot as the weather (hopefully!!!) warms up.


2 down, 29 to go!


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