MMM14: Day 1

And so it begins… my pledge to refashion something new (er, old) every single day in the month of May, for Me-Made-May’14, has begun.

ImageWelcome to day 1:


In my former life I loved the LOFT… I still do, who am I kidding? This sweater was pretty awesome as is.  The neckline rocks my world, and I even really love the celery color. Unfortunately, celery doesn’t love my complexion 😦

A simple remedy would fix that


I think teal would be lovely… whether or not it actually turns OUT “teal” is another story 🙂


So far, so good… but as the timer on my oven kept counting down the minutes I noticed something odd… See how the water in the above picture is distinctly blue?


Now, the water is clear! What the heck? I have NEVER seen this happen in all my dye jobs! I mean, it makes sense that the garment is, literally, absorbing the dye but… still. Weird.

Oh, well. Just add more.


That’s better 🙂

I carefully removed the sweater from the boiling water and THEN added the extra dye, just fyi…

Gotta love those blistering cold, windy SPRING Indiana days…

The final product turned out great! I’ve never dyed sweater material before and I was super nervous about it… I think this may be the best dye job I’ve ever done.



Look how even it all is. I usually have a splotch or two of color here and there… maybe I’ll dye sweaters more often 😉


Me-Made-May’14 is off to a good start.

1 down, 30 to go.

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