A pillow for Vicky

I know, I know, I know…. another pillow, you’re thinking. Well, yes. I made another pillow 🙂

My best gal pal in the world since 8th grade asked me to make her a pillow. So, I did. Ain’t no big whoop.

She provided me with these:


Recognize that print? I rocked one of these out via a No-Sew for St. Patrick’s Day. Anyhoo, she can’t wear these to work. Expired Holiday shirts are a No-no at the Bux.

But they’re oh so comfy and would make a great pillow, n’est ce pas?

Using my pillow as a template, I got an idea for the dimensions I would need to cut


And I, uh, cut it 🙂


Then, right sides together, I pinned around 3 of the 4 edges


I secured those edges with my Serger


I left 1 of the 4 sides open so I could fit the pillow in there. Duh 😉

And, I thought I’d try something different with the final edge… I cut strips about 1″-ish apart.Image

Then, I tied them in a knot


I thought this would be the easiest scenario for washing purposes… I don’t know about Vicky or y’all but I’m a drooler, big time. There. I said it.

Front view: Ms. Mermaid is luring you in with smelly good coffee
Back view

Vicky’s my best good friend, as Forrest Gump would say. She “takes care” of me and my coffee needs if you know what I’m sayin, *wink wink. So if she wants me to make her a pillow, I’m gonna do it! 🙂



Love ya, pal! 🙂

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