House Huntin’ Sweater

This sweater dress needs no introduction:

Am I the only one who DESPISES sweater dresses???

I don’t understand them… Is it a sweater or a dress? They shouldn’t be combined. It’s like Indoor pools… I just. don’t. GET. it.

This also annoyed me greatly



The PLUS side of this material is that it doesn’t fray 🙂 I didn’t have to hem the raw edges. I just gave the ends a good stretch and they curled on their own with the fibers of the material

Like sew, er, so… 😉

That makes this refashion a complete No Sew. I’m not gonna lie… the “No Sews” are growing on me #lazy 🙂

I decided to spice up the gray with a red lace cami underneath and let the buttons open. I had intended to wear this to work. The red would’ve been against dress code but with my apron on, the red would’ve been covered. Can we say, “rebellious”? 😉 However, my day ended up being switched out… so Hubs and I went and looked at a SUPER cute house instead.


If all the “logistics” work out… this is going to be our Master Suite, y’all 🙂

Natural lighting and hardwood floors please me greatly

We LOVED this house! LOVED.

It’s been a roller coaster trying to find a place in our price range. Everything seemed to “line” up and I’m pretty sure God has His hand in it because someone wants to buy our current home… our home isn’t even listed! As such, we put a contingent offer in on THIS house, which just-so-happened to be accepted by the seller 🙂

If it all works out this IS our new home *fingers crossed!


I’m so excited I took a SELFIE!


Updates to follow.

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