Weekenders Top

Today’s piece didn’t start off as a top


Long sleeved, turtle-necked, mumsy long knit dress. I chose this because I knew it would easily transform into a shirt I could wear at Job #2 for years to come. If you’ll recall, I can only wear black, white, gray, and beige to said Job #2…

As I started to get to work I noticed the tag:


Say WHAT?! Does anyone remember “Weekenders”? It was a home based business like Mary Kay or Pampered Chef.  It was pretty popular in the 90s and, like everything else, sort of fizzled out… My mom used to have parties like this all the time! The concept was to buy a few basic “staple” pieces (like this blase dress) for your wardrobe and dress them “up” or “down” with the right accessories you just-so-happened to have “on hand” with your various “Weekenders” items. 🙂

Like any home based business… you pay a little extra money for it. This dress was originally a nice chunk of change. I scored it for .99 cents.


Believe it or not, I do actually really like turtle necks…

To “finish” the now raw edges of the sleeves and bottom hem, I set my Serger up for a rolled hem.


All you do is run the edge of the fabric under the foot and the machine does all the work for you. No measuring, no pinning, nothing! Just a finished edge 🙂


I didn’t want to do this finish on the neckline because the stretch of the fabric curls with a rolled hem. So, to finish it off I folded the raw edge and ran a straight stitch over it. Again, I didn’t pin or measure… I just folded it by hand as it went under the needle. I’m such a perfectionist 😉


Now, my new top is better suited for a Friday Morning/Afternoon working at Job #2 🙂


No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is, in fact, the sun.


I rolled the sleeves up and was pleasantly surprised at the natural “dolman” shape to them. Quite nice.


The stretchy material is super comfortable and quite adaptable to the temperature: I was cool when it was warm outside here, and I was warm working inside with the cranked up A/C. I love “magical” material like that. This was a great find. I’ll definitely be wearing this to Job #2 on a regular basis.


My Weekend Weekenders top 😉

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