No Sew Blouse

I found this lovely trinket at the Goodwill on .99 day… where else do I find awesome stuff?


Not bad. It fits me perfectly and I thought it would be great for Spring… I THINK Spring is here. It’s still snowing in Indiana so I have my doubts but, nevertheless I chose this top.

My original plan was to dye it; give it just a little panache… then I remembered at Job #2 I can’t wear ANYTHING with color: Black, white, gray, beige. That’s it. And you can’t mix them; has to be solid those colors. So, what’s an accidental seamstress to do?



I unbuttoned the first, like, 8 buttons and called it a day.


Hubs and I went back to Cook McDoogal’s for a date afternoon 🙂  We are both really busy with work that we make it a priority to have a date every week. Daytime, nighttime, or even just for coffee, we schedule that time in our week for quality time together. It’s my favorite part of our week 🙂


I did go into work in the evening and paired my no sew ensemble with a trench I bought at Dressbarn a few springs ago. My former Job #2, Catherine’s, is a sister company to DB so I was able to get a wicked discount on it. My bag is from Catherine’s. Flats are from Payless… children’s shoes are typically less expensive than women’s 😉 Not sure how a child’s size 3 is the same size as a woman’s 6 but… oh well. The skinnies are a treat Hubs bought for me at LOFT on our anniversary trip last November.

All in all, a frugal, stylish, and work appropriate look.

2 thoughts on “No Sew Blouse

    1. Thanks. I usually run into this problem… I find stuff at Goodwill that I just really like as-is haha. Sometimes I just need a break from sewing, ya know? 😉

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