A “T” for St. Pat

I’m not big into St. Patty’s Day. I’m not a big drinker and I’m always working that day to enjoy any time with my pals… but it’s an excuse to wear green 🙂 I’ll use any excuse to wear the best color on the planet. But there’s a slight problem:

Hello, Laura’s Closet

What do we not see? GREEN!

My favorite color ever, ever, ever and I have NONE of it in my own closet? Whaddup with that?

Then I remembered a stash of Starbucks tshirts in my car that my pal Vicky gave to me!

Hey Vicky!

She’s been my bestie since 8th grade… and she also wanted me to make her a pillow from some work shirts she had leftover from the holidays. She gave me four of them… and I decided to steal one for St. Patty’s day


Being the lazy slacker that I’ve become in my old age I kinda just wanted to wear it like this. Alas, my husband made me rethink that scenario, “hashtag ‘metro sexual’.” 😉

So, I decided to try that tshirt trick that everyone and their Aunt Elsie has seen on pinterest: I pulled my arms through the neck hole and tucked the sleeves into the bosom. This still left a bit of the white font exposed, so I pulled out one of Nanny’s brooches to save the day.


Of course, I would never expose my arms so I paired it with a black cardigan


Though it was only 20 degrees (but felt much colder!), I decided to venture outside for some pics


How I’ve missed my outdoor shots


Yeah, it’s still cold…

I had my doubts about this last minute No Sew… Quite honestly, I think they look sloppy, unprofessional, and cheap. That’s why I never do them… but, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I guess you never know til ya try, right?



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