A No-Sew Sunday Best

I loved this piece I found for .99!


Couple of problems here: Too small to button up all the way… and my bosomous maximus was  trying to come out and say, “Hi.” Not good.

I loved the print of this thing. Navy and pink is my current color combination obsession! I decided to really make this combo obvious by giving it a dye bath in some fucshia RIT.


I did it stove top this time because doing it in the washing machine is too much work! You have to clean and rinse and clean some more and if you’re not meticulous with it the dye bleeds on the clothes in your regular cycle… ain’t nobody got time for dat!

Important obvious safety tip: Don’t use a pan you cook with for this 🙂 Designate a special one for dyes.

I set my timer for 40 minutes and FINALLY finished the book I’d started in January.


I have mixed emotions about this book… I love to read. When I can find the time, I’ll read anything. I’ve been wanting to read more classic literature… but, this one was kinda rough. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. I’m just gonna stick with my Mary Higgins Clark for a while, while I recuperate from this one…


Ta Da. Not a drastic change, but definitely enough to bump up the Navy/Pink factor. I was going to wear it as a shrug since I couldn’t button the blasted thing… but I decided that one button below the bust was a more flattering shape for me.

I rocked this shrug at church yesterday.


Rockin’ out my solo… I hope 😀
The whole gang… see hubs on bass on the left? He’s so cute! 🙂

I’ve been working 40 hours at my full time job and 18-20 at my part time job, lately. I’m so not complaining but I’ve definitely been more tired than usual 🙂 Haven’t really found the energy to do much of anything I typically love to do: Sewing, working out (yikes!), washing my hair, reading, “quality” time with hubs… Being an adult really sucks sometimes. In spite of it all though, I’m still having fun exploring No-sew options and getting my “refashion” fixes in when I can 🙂

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