It’s still winter: Nanny tunic

Hey guess what? It’s still winter 😦 March, if nothing else, gives me peace of mind for warmer weather but in Indiana it’s still pretty much bitterly cold until May… So, I still have to dress accordingly even though I am SO in the mood for lighter weight refashions! 🙂

Exhibit A:

My nanny’s house robe…
My nanny… and my Mom 🙂

I hated the thought of all my Nanny’s clothes being sold or donated to someone who would never know how awesome she is. When she and my papaw moved to a nursing facility, our families took what we wanted of theirs.  This robe was one of many things I took. I could probably wear it around my house as-is because it’s super warm but… vanity, as always, prevails over nostalgia 🙂


Sorry… but we’re gonna have to bypass this situation entirely. Believe it or not, I used a pattern for the task at hand.


Bypassing the armpits, I laid out the pattern pieces, cut, and sewed them together.

Pin and prep first, of course.

Notice the pockets? I had to work around those and the zipper, then cut them out entirely.

Hmmm… might use them for later

It was easy to sew the 2 pieces of the body together. It turned out to be an okay looking tunic, but I decided to get a wee bit creative with the scraps…


I decided to do a fun little “Cap sleeve” detail using the red/white leftovers


I finished the raw edges with a rolled hem on my Serger and called it a tunic! 😉


I paired it with one of Nanny’s necklaces I took as well… I figured it only befitting 🙂

Back view of the cap sleeve
I’m glad I added this
Side color blocking action
Caught mid-countdown 🙂

It wasn’t my intention to look like an elf or the Italian flag… this is what I had to work with. I, literally, have my nanny wrapped around me like a hug with this new tunic. You can never have too many hugs from your nanny 🙂


4 thoughts on “It’s still winter: Nanny tunic

  1. I so enjoy reading your blogs and seeing what you have ‘refashioned’. Since my momma just ‘graduated’ to Heaven a couple of months ago…this was particularly special to me. I’ll always remember your sweet grandparents standing at the north doors of the ‘old’ building welcoming our family to church in the early days we attended. They are such wonderful folks!!!

    1. What a compliment, Diana. Thank you. I hadn’t heard about your momma…it’s sad…yet comforting to know she’s in a better place 🙂 I’ll remember you in my prayers.

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