Infinity Scarf

Remember this refashion I did a while ago?


It was pretty fabulous 🙂 buuuuuuut…. I never wore it. I am majorly self-conscious of my arm flab situation. Yes, it’s there. I’ve lost 90lbs… I have flab in places you wouldn’t dream of. Currently, I’m waiting for a monetary miracle of $5000 to fix the arm flab problem. In the meantime, though, Laura will just be wearing long sleeves.

I decided to turn the top into something I’d actually wear… a scarf. As-is it’d be a pretty boring scarf, so I found another scarf I really loved but didn’t wear very much:

You’re cute, but I’m bored with you 😦

To spice things up, I decided to make an infinity scarf out of the 2 prints.

First, I cut up my off-shoulder top at the side seam, folded the material length wise and “evened” it out:

Like so…

I sewed down the edge you see with the pins, leaving the ends of the “tube” like shape it now was open. I turned this right side out after it was sewn.

Then, I sewed the end edges to my striped scarf

Fold the raw edges under so it looks nicer

Sew it down (both ends of course) to make it “infinity.”

A scarf is born 🙂



Easy Peasy 😉

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