Custom Sleep Mask

When it comes to sleep I’m pretty high maintenance, I’m not gonna lie. I have to have a fan going; the sound is oh so soothing.ย  And, it has to be PITCH black! I mean, PITCH. A speck of light from anywhere and it’s a lost cause… I’ve tried sleep masks before, but they tickle my forehead and my nose. They cover up too much of my face and the band gives me a headache… yeah, high maintenance. I just can’t deal with it.

But, I decided to give it another try and make my own.


This is a scrap from a refashion I have yet to post. You might recognize the black lace from a delicate refash I did a while ago ๐Ÿ˜‰

ย I wanted the band across my face to be thinner than a standard eye mask. I thought this would help with the “tickle” situation, so I found another scrap I used as a template.

Scrap on a scrap

And I cut.


And I was left with this:


I ironed it out and I decided to tack the black lace onto the red satin so the final product would be easier to assemble… slippery layers are most annoying. Taking that extra step saves time and frustration in the long run!

Tacked… or just sewn, really.

Next, I sewed the layers right sides together on both sides (just the long sides).

I used the “tacked” stitch as my guide.

This left me with a long tube, that I had to turn right side out.


Then came the somewhat tricky part… I measured around my head and figured I needed 7 inches of elastic to fill the gap between the ends of the tube. The ends of the tube are “raw” so I had to fold & pin them under and put the elastic in the middle. Like so:

Then you sew it down…

I did that with both ends and ended up with a custom sleep mask.


I gave it a shot and made it through most of the night… ๐Ÿ™‚ I just can’t handle things on my face while I sleep. I’m still gonna hang on to this, though. It’s definitely more comfortable than the ones I’ve bought. Maybe I can gradually build up a tolerance for it.

It was worth a shot.

4 thoughts on “Custom Sleep Mask

    1. I WISH!! Hubs started snoring a few months ago. Not a peep for years and now I’m sleeping with a bear! I end up on the couch almost every night… that’s really what inspired me to make the mask. All the light in the living room kills me. He’s tried the breathe strips and over the counter meds to help with his sinuses. Nothing. It doesn’t work. I’m at my wit’s end. For real… sounds like you are too? ๐Ÿ™‚

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