Easy fix for a too big shirt

This .99 cent Izod shirt was perfectly fine.


…except it was just a wee bit too big. Marked as a “M” I was sure this would be a no-sew kind of find. I’m learning that sizes are quite arbitrary. The only way to know if something will fit it to just simply try it on.

What was especially unique about this shirt is that it was large in the back … taking it in on the sides would’ve done nothing for the fit. Luckily it had 2 darts in the back. So, that’s where I took it in.


With the edge of your foot lined up with original dart, it’s super easy to guide your fabric underneath to make a perfectly straight line.Β  I put my needle in the farthest left hand position it would go, so that took it in even more.


I think my line looks better than the original πŸ˜‰

I did that with both the darts to take it in about an inch and a half-ish… I’m so precise πŸ™‚


The back is much more fitted now πŸ™‚

In my before pic I was wearing this over another button up collared shirt so it may not look like much of a difference, but this thing really was quite blouse-y.Β  Taking it in an inch or so really helped polish it up. And, it took all of 2 minutes.


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