My funny Valentine… cape.

As I’ve mentioned before, Hubs is a professional musician. He’s gone pretty much every weekend gigging with his crew. So we decided to celebrate Valentine’s a little early.  We kept it low key by just going out to dinner, courtesy of my mom and dad’s Christmas present to us 🙂



Remember the blanket I made for my grandson? I purchased this red fleece remnant along with the other material I used for that. I thought I’d be using this as a border or something. I ended up really loving the blanket without the red fleece so I had this piece leftover.

It has been EPICALLY cold! Like, for real… I’m tired of revamping stupid t-shirts, so I thought I’d make a jacket out of this fleece 🙂 Believe it or not, I actually used a pattern!


It took me about 3 days to figure out how to line this up right! I got the pattern for free here

I folded my red fleece in half and positioned all the pieces on it.


I pinned and cut them out.


Now, here is where I took my liberties 🙂 I mean, really, did you expect me to follow directions to the letter?

First of all, if you look at the original pattern it’s meant for real fabric 🙂 Also, there are linings and darts and all sorts of stuff I was just too lazy to deal with. So, I threw the pattern to the curb! …And I just began to construct it. It was pretty easy to figure out what the pieces were and where they went.

…and sew.

I used our Necchi EX30 for this because its a great machine… and it was already threaded up with red thread 🙂

One of the several reasons I hate patterns is that I just don’t trust them. This pattern is supposedly a “one size fits most” even though the measurements are for a 10/12/14. So I decided to try it on before I finished it…

Hi! See my new camera in the mirror? Isn’t it FanTAStic???

It’s a little blous-y but otherwise “fits” so I proceeded to add the sleeves and finish it.


I’m not completely happy with the sleeve… if I decide to follow this pattern the right way, I’ll be sure to actually read the directions for a future project. Maybe 😉

What a wing span!

This ended up more like a cape, I think, than a jacket. It was, indeed, super warm! Yah, fleece! 🙂 I paired it with my nanny’s brooch and a necklace hubs bought me on vacation.

My “winter weight” is hanging on for dear life 😦

It was -8 degrees when Hubs and I left for our Valentine Dinner, so creative outdoor pics were out of the question.

This was a fun little experiment and a nice break in my lackluster winter refashions 🙂



T-minus 36 days until Spring



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