Turtle Neck to Shrug

I found this at a garage sale last Summer for only .50 cents.


As you can see, this pic was taken with my old sucky camera. I thought I’d get around to this a lot sooner than I did. I had great, epic plans for this… I had visions of a glorious dye job, complete deconstruction to betray its turtle neck-ness… complete transformation in other words.

Except that didn’t happen.

I forgot all about this .50 cent find until recently.Β  And, per my winter funk, kept it simple. I started off by making a big cut right down the middle of the shirt, leaving the turtle neck in tact.


In tact… sort of. I decided to use my serger to finish this new raw edge with a rolled hem.


Sergers are amazing! If you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one. I set this up for a rolled hem by removing the right needle and switching it from “Standard” serging to “Rolled.” That’s a pretty easy process, actually. This was how the finished seam looked:


Because this material is stretchy the rolled hem has a faint curly “lettuce leaf” effect going on πŸ™‚

I also took it in on the sides because it was still a little blouse-y. After that I called it a day.


Not bad for a 10 minute makeover…

I combined this with my best I-Don’t-care-how-bad-my-hair-looks-today-I’ll-just-wear-it-up look… and I NEVER wear my hair up, y’all! Seriously. Just. Don’t. Care.


Leaving the turtle neck “in tact” (even though it was cut) kind of gave it a butterfly collar look… this ended up being my favorite part of this makeover.


P.S…. Only 38 days until Spring πŸ™‚

In “Indiana” time we probably won’t see “real” Spring until May but, hey, I’m looking at that silver lining! πŸ™‚

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