Stuck on you

I have seriously had NO motivation lately. I don’t want to sew; I don’t want to work out; I don’t want to watch my frickin’ carb intake; I don’t wanna pay my bills; I don’t wanna go to work; I don’t want to do ANYTHING …except sleep and eat.


We all have those moments but I blame this particular slump on the weather. “Blame it on the rain!” …er, snow. 😀 Wow, now I’m really showing my age.

It’s been SO cold here in Indiana that I just wear layer upon layer upon layer of sweaters for this freakish winter weather 😦 I have so many cute old lady dresses that I’m dying to tackle!!! I am so anxious for spring I can’t stand it.

In the meantime, I’ve been sewing more “project” kind of stuff:


These were all the magnets on my filing cabinet at work: some inspirational, most standard issue to the job.  I’ve been getting pretty sick of looking at them and I had a HUGE pile of scrap fabric… Surely, I could make something creative happen here.

I used the magnets as a template for the scraps & cut them to fit

I was really ambitious at first and decided to sew the fabric onto the magnet.  I wouldn’t recommend that, typically. But, we have a KILLER machine that will handle that task with no problem… The Janome 15000.


As you can see from the pic, I also finished the raw edge with a zig zag…. but I got to thinking: This was WAY too much effort for some stupid magnets! (Have I ever mentioned I get bored with things super quickly? sewing included).

I decided to go in a different direction:


I assembled some more fabric and cut those tornado shaped magnets into more manageable pieces, and sprayed them with this instead



It actually worked better than I thought. It even helped eliminate the frayed edges of the scrap fabric.


Hubs and I are so cute! 🙂

What a fun way to spice up some boring magnets, and still get a “creative” fix in during an apathetic sewing slump 🙂

Hope everyone else out there in the “Polar Vortex” areas are surviving too. Hang in there!

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