Bulletin board makeover

With temperatures in Indiana fluctuating between 15 and -15 within the same week (for the entire duration of winter thus far), I’ve bundled myself up in layers of sweaters all year. I’m a person who gets cold when it’s 71 degrees outside so I assure you that “layers of sweaters” is no exaggeration.

As such, I haven’t been sewing many a refashion that’s appropriate for our freak weather right now. I’m counting down the days until Summer (144) and, in the meantime, keeping busy with any project that’ll take my mind off the cold.

Exhibit A:


My bulletin board from work. Pretty blase on its own… I thought I’d “zsuzs” it up. <—I say this word ALL the time btw. But I have NO idea how to spell it. Do you know what a mean? It’s sounds like “Zsa Zsa” but I can’t even describe the vowel sound in the middle. I digress… if anyone knows how to spell this word please let me know!

I took all the paperwork off of it (filed it more properly) and then began to dismantle the frame


That turned out to be a futile attempt because the cork was NOT going to break away from this frame. Oh well… I’d just have to deal with it.

I found a piece of fabric in my stash that I liked. I was going to use it to cover the cork to zsuzs 🙂 it up.


I used quilting spray adhesive on the back of the fabric to make it stick to the cork better. Then, I obviously had to do some trimming around the edges.  I left a little bit of room because I was going to have to stuff some of it into the frame for a more secure fit.


A little screw driver did the trick 🙂


I know it’s just a stupid bulletin board but it’s nice to personalize your office space with pretties 🙂


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