NYE at TK’s

Hubs is a musician. Yes, I realize I’m biased… but he truly is amazing. So, naturally he would moonlight as a professional bassist for Allan Craig Miller & the Nashville Machine. New Year’s Eve they were booked at Toby Keith’s in Detroit and I had the rare opportunity to travel with him for the event. Unfortunately, the only thing glittery/festive/New Year’s Eve-y I had in my refash stash was this two piece wonder:


I snatched this up at Goodwill for .99 cents for a few reasons: I love the color! I love the sparkly detailing at the hems, and it’s super stretchy and soft. I knew this would make a great cocktail dress for New Year’s Eve with my musician Hubby.

I put the skirt on my dress form inside out and played with the shape…


I cut the original waistband to make straps and pinned the sides down good and tight. I ran the new side seams under my serger and called it a day with that part of it.

Then I got to thinking… Winter, Detroit, cold. I need sleeves!!! I decided to use the front panel of the top garment to construct my new sleeves. I cut the front panel from the back panel.

Make a big cut riiiiiight down the middle

Again, I just used the front panel of the original top for these sleeves. Only the front panel had the fun sparklies πŸ™‚ I put the back panel in my stash and it will be used on a rainy day.

Evening it out…

Then, we sew it down (right sides of fabric together). That was tricky thanks to the sparklies. I forget what they’re called… but they’re very difficult to sew through. I broke several needles. I found it was best to sew SUPER slow through it.

slow and steady

Then came the fun part: attaching the sleeves to my new dress

HOW do I attach you?

The easiest way to attach sleeves to anything is to put the sleeve inside the garment you wish to attach it to with the right sides together. That sounds complicated, but just try it out and you’ll see how easy that actually is. It was difficult on this garment of mine because I was attaching the sleeve to a piece of elastic… so I had to think it out a bit πŸ™‚

That’s my sleeve inside my dress, right sides together (I finished the raw edge before I decided I wanted to put sleeves in it).

A cocktail dress is born


Hanging out in the green room at Toby Keith’s with my stud and his crew.

TK himself graced us with his presence πŸ˜‰


Allan & Gwynne. Aren’t they cute?



Jeff and Freddie know how to work it out too!


These guys are super talented! If you’re a country music fan you should definitely check ’em out.

Oh, and Happy New Year πŸ™‚

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