Blanket for little man

In the last few months that I’ve been sewing, I have learned several things (speaking solely in terms of sewing, here). Number 1 on that list is that I prefer refashioning clothes to anything else.ย  I’m not big on “project” sewing (Minus my Christmas tags! Those were freakin’ awesome). ๐Ÿ™‚

In spite of that, I always get inspiration to make a big project…

Will I ever learn?

The inspirational project du jour is a blanket for my grandson

Could YOU resist that face? I think not

For this I actually BOUGHT fabric. I know *cue the gasps. I went to my local fabric store and scoped out the remnant situation. If you’re poor, the remnants are your best friend. They’re the piddley little leftovers on the fabric bolt that are discounted no less than 75%, typically.

$11 later, I left with super soft fleece and three different “accent” flannel prints.

I hate patterns… I really do. I wanted this blanket to be pretty big so I cut all my accent fabrics into 9 X 9 inch squares, hoping that I could just “wing” this thing.

Little man LOVES dogs ๐Ÿ™‚

Once they were all cut, I spread them out on top of the fleece (the fleece was going to be the “base” of the blanket) to get an idea on the size.

Looking good

I had more of a few prints than others… that’s the risk you take when buying remnants.

Using a quarter inch foot, I sewed the squares together one block at a time… then, obviously, one row at a time until they were all done.

Always iron open the seams on the underside… it’s a pain, but it makes everything smoother (and easier to sew) for the topstitching.

Now that the top of the blanket is finished, it needs to be sewn to the blue fleece. Word to the wise: pin the dickens out of it cuz this is where it gets tricky!

Sew in the “ditch” with a straight stitch. Our Janome 8900 is perfect for the job.

Now comes the part I always struggle with… what to do with the edge of the blanket??? After much contemplation of different “finishing” options, I decided to just fold the edge over twice and stitch it down with a straight stitch.

It actually turned out pretty good!
I went ahead and appliqued this to one of the squares just so there’s no doubt it’s Merrik’s blanket and no one else’s ๐Ÿ˜‰


As you can see… I added the “M” before I did the topstitching.

I find it difficult to NOT “project” sew around Christmas time… I’m truly not a big fan, but I must admit I’m really proud that I pulled this blanket out of my hat for the little guy. I’ve been wanting to make him a keepsake for a long time.

We had him and our sons this weekend for Christmas. Blended families have to get creative with their time during the holidays. It was one for the books! I love my family…

…and I think he really loved his blanket ๐Ÿ™‚

Merry Christmas!

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