Christmas Tags

Ah, ’tis the season… for going broke. I don’t want to be a Scrooge or a mood killer, but am I right? I was wrapping gifts last week and when I reached for my pile of tags… there were none 😦

HATE it when that happens!

I score a deal at Big Lots or something on all my supplies like that and expect the stock pile to just last forever and, mysteriously enough, it doesn’t.  Call me cheap, but I did not want to buy more!

I went to my stash of scraps…

These looked the most “Christmas-y” to me.

At Job #1 we get free samples from vendors all the time. I decided to try those stabilizer samples out for this project. I folded some lightweight cut-away stabilizer twice and cut a tag shaped template.

Why make one when you can make four?

I did this with all the square samples I had available.


The stabilizer will be sandwiched in the fabric to make it stiff like a real tag. So, I prepped my scraps by ironing them. Then, I doubled the fabric and cut around the tag templates.

How cute. I’m starting to get excited 🙂

Once I assembled all the stabilizer templates inside the 2 fabric scraps, all I did was sew a straight stitch around all the edges.


I used a hole punch (you could use scissors too), to make the tag hole.  Put ribbon through the hole and curl it for extra pizazz 🙂


I tied the ribbon around the bows on all my gifts I’d already wrapped, instead of just taping it to the gift. I’m really happy with how they turned out!



How cool are these tags?
Just use a marker for the names.

I almost bought more Christmas tags… thank God for inspiration.

These look so good I don’t think I’ll ever buy tags again. I’m gonna do this for every holiday and birthday from now on. I think they give a truly personal touch to the gifts… and they look pretty cool too. The best part, though… they’re absolutely free 🙂

Merry Christmas!

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