Wool Blazer

If anyone’s been reading this at all, it’s no secret that yours truly is cold ALL the time. I mean, like, all the time. I’m pretty sure I have an unidentified blood disorder or something… It’s not natural.

That’ll be .99 cents, ma’am.

When I saw this wool Blazer at Goodwill my favorite Sunday afternoon shopping center I was happy, happy, happy! This would keep me warm at Job #2 where it’s cold enough to be a meat locker. And, this bad boy is a size 8 Petite. God basically parted the waters and opened the light of Heaven to show it to me 🙂

It just needed a few tweaks to make it a perfect fit.

Those gross shoulder pads had to go!

Seam rip the inside lining at the shoulder and pull it out.

Take a look at the jacket on my dress form again… Would you have ever guessed this beast was locked up inside those shoulders? I ran the lining under my machine to sew it back up.

I got rid of these while I was at it…

These are cool buttons and all… but they’re just a little too “Jacob Marley” for my liking.

I dug through my stash and decided this button would work better.

Boring, you say. Beautiful, says I.

I’m sure you can also see on Minnie that the placement of the button is in an awkward spot. It sits right at the waist. When it’s buttoned the lapel bursts open and it’s just not a good look. I decided to move the button up a few inches so it would fasten right beneath the bust.  I did that on my sewing machine the same way I did the buttons on my white pillow case.

Then, I had to make a new buttonhole for it 🙂

Buttonholes are a cinch on one-step models like this one from Janome.

Then, you take your seam ripper and open up the space for your button.


Now my blazer is truly a perfect fit.

Rocking it out at work.

This button position works much better on us shorties 🙂

Pointless side shot

The shoulders don’t come up to my ears anymore. Who ever came up with shoulder pads really should be held accountable for his/her actions…

How about that pink tshirt? I feel like I should be on the set of “Saved By the Bell”

NOTHING you buy is going to be tailor-made for your body right off the rack. With a couple simple modifications, though, I was my own tailor 😉


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