A non-hoodie for Hubs

We all have one. You know what I’m talking about: that awesomely warm and cozy feel-good hoodie that just makes life better no matter what the actual climate may be. From their inception, though, hoodies have had a bad rap… For every hoodie you love, someone you know has an equal HATRED for it… Hubs!

How could this be anything other than awesome???

No, but seriously… it’s “fitted,” the color is good for me, it’s not stained or falling apart at the seams… why the disdain, man I’m bound to for eternity? I’ve had to keep this in hiding because he’s told me every single day since we’ve been together that he “will burn it.”

Marriage is all about compromise (that’s a whole ‘nother blog post entirely), so I conceded… Yes, four years later but, hey… to concede is to concede. One day someone will write a biography in my honor and it will be aptly titled The Good Wife.

With a tear in my eye, I made a few cuts…

Everything that made you a hoodie is nothing more than a sad scrap… *cue the Backstreet Boys song What Makes You Different, Makes You Beautiful.

I even removed the appliqued insignia…

You’re no longer fighting with the eagles, my friend… you’re soaring with them.

This was a complete no-sew refashion that I surprised the joy killer, I mean, husband with on the last day of our anniversary vacation. After a 16 hour drive from Florida, we got home at 7am on a Sunday morning. Of course, we went to bed and didn’t get up until 1-ish (there’s a point to this set-up).

That was when I lowered the boom.

Smiling through the tears… and “jet lag.”

I wore it inside out and rolled up the sleeves. He had NO clue it was the hoodie he had come to despise so. Ironically enough, he even liked it. Whad’ya know about that!

So happy to be home from Florida… can you hear the sarcasm?

Anyhoo, we headed out to grab a breakfast/lunch at 1-ish. While we were in the car I got a text from my mom that we needed to take shelter immediately. Apparently, there was a storm full of tornadoes headed our way… exceptionally random for November. My mother tends to overreact just a weeeee bit when it comes to the weather. Plus, the skies were clear if just a little overcast so we assured her we’d take cover (like we always do). Seconds later, my father texts me the same thing… the wind started to pick up, and the tornado siren went off.

Finally taking things seriously, we headed straight to their place to take cover in their basement. All my brothers and their families were there too. We got there just in time to miss the 2 EF2 tornadoes that touched down.




So, yes, I lost my hoodie that day… but a lot of people I know lost so much more. Kinda puts thing in perspective….


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