Pajama Pant Dress

Today continues in the What I made for Vacation Series. When this was on Mega clearance at my Job #2 that still remains nameless, I had to snatch it up.

The possibilities are endless!

That print is fabulous, no? It would be perfect for a day at the beach.

I cut the pant leg panels from each other but left the elastic waste band in tact.

Looks quite different in this state, doesn’t it?

There’s a fun detail on the ankle of the pant leg that I wanted to feature in the “bodice” of my new dress. Keeping that in mind, I put the panels on Minnie and started playing with the shape…

I know it’s inside out but see the v-neck detail I was talking about?

And this is what the back looked like so far….

Yeah… that’s not gonna work

I had to use the second pant leg to fill in the gap. I don’t know how to explain this other than “cut and paste.”

I pinned, cut the excess material, then sewed it.

For this I used my serger so the seams would be more secure.

It’s starting to make sense now… and I’m getting excited.

As you can see, I cut the elastic waste band and used sections of it in the back. I’m normally all about modesty and this is a little too zsa zsa zsu for my liking in everyday wear… but for a trip to the beach, I’d be over dressed 😉

All that was left to do was finish the bottom raw edge. For this I used my serger and set it up for a rolled hem.

Rolled hem secures the edge and also makes it decorative. 2 stitches in 1 makes life easier for you.

Because the material is stretchy, it “curls” the edge

See? Lovely.

And that is how you can turn 4X PJ bottoms into a beachy sun dress.

Hubs got me after the smile…

We decided to recreate our wedding day with a trip to Lido Beach.

Love birds.

Hanging out at the very spot we said “I do.”

A little overcast… but just as gorgeous.
Exact same rock formation.\
Mrs. and Mr.
11.11.13… This was really meant to be a sand castle and not, er, um…what it looks like 😀

Our wedding was absolutely perfect!  With only 15 of our closest friends and family hanging out at the beach, it was everything I had dreamed about since I was a little girl. I wish we could go back more often to said location, but we were extremely grateful for this week long trip.

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