Anniversary Negligee

I have a slight addiction to lingerie…I’m married so I can say that without feeling too judged 🙂 Victoria’s Secret is by far my favorite indulgence in that category; however, even clearanced lingerie from there can get pretty salty.

Anyhoo, I’ve had my eye on this bad boy since it came out LAST Christmas

That’ll be $98, please.

On eBay, the lowest I’ve seen it is $64.99… Even though we were going on vacation, we were still on a major budget. I knew Hubs would like this negligee, but buying it new or used was out of the question. I would have to improvise…

…with this .50 cent night gown I found at a garage sale.

I had other plans for this, originally. But, with the red satin and all, it seemed to make more sense to keep it “in the bedroom” 🙂

I cut the side seams, completely detaching the front and back panels from each other.


Then, I actually found some paper from a pattern I knew I would NEVER use. I hate patterns but, alas, decided to sort of make one for the plunging neck of this gown. I thought a pattern would help with this…


So, I folded the back panel in half and cut around my wannabe pattern…

Not too shabby!

This was the LAST of the “pattern” I used 🙂 As you can see, she’s pinned at the sides. I used the FRONT panel of the nightgown to be the back. I just pinned them together, cut the excess material and sewed them up.

Then, I found some black lace left over from another refashion I haven’t gotten around to posting yet…

Meet the refashion I haven’t posted yet 🙂

I cut the remnants of the lace from this into “Scallops” and I pinned it to the neckline of my new negligee.

It’s starting to look like the inspiration!

Using a straight stitch, I sewed it down.


The side seams are a little wonky but this thing was just going to end up in a wad on the floor anyway, right? 😀

Close up of the stitching.
Back view.

Recognize that embroidery detail? That’s from the front panel of the original garment 🙂

Gettin’ cray cray with the effects in my phone camera 😉

This refashion was a challenge, for sure. I can now appreciate why lingerie is so expensive. And, even though I didn’t have enough material left to make it a floor length gown like the inspiration piece, I’m really happy with the way this turned out.

Needlesstosay, it served its “Anniversary” purpose.

What, what? He put a ring on it…


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