Millie’s tunic

When I go on vacation, I like to do absolutely NOTHING. I sleep, eat, lay around (preferably at the beach), and repeat. In Sarasota, FL where Hubs and I stayed for our Anniversary this past week… that’s exactly what we did.

After sleeping in one morning, we decided to try out a local Breakfast place we heard was quite delish.

How quaint

I decided to use the remnants of a previous refashion for my outing to Millie’s.

Remember this?

And how I turned the lower skirt into this:


Well, I decided to use up the upper scrap for this Florida refashion.

I cut off the sleeves, and took it in a wee bit on the sides


I thought that was all I would have to do… but, alas, the neck hole was a little too small for my bosomous region to fit through comfortably 😀 So, I had to cut the shoulders at the seams and stitch up the raw edge.


NOW, I’m ready to have a gluttonous breakfast!


Even with my bikini on underneath, it still looked pretty good. Cutting the shoulders gave the girls room to breathe AND kind of gave it a sweetheart neckline I dig.

Challenge accepted, Millie! My strategy was to break it down into quadrants 😉

I’m happy to report I obliterated it!

The aftermath… Well played Mr. Waffle, well played.

After hours of processing nicely…. Hubs and I were back in action for dinner!

Happy, happy, happy! Even with bad cell phone picture lighting 🙂

Yah, for vacation!! Calories are always free on vaca. Everybody knows this.

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