Beach Cover-up

Two weeks since a post. Wow.

It’s been a little hectic this month. Hubs and I went to Florida last week for our anniversary (I have several refashions I’m super excited to share from that!). And, the VERY first day we got back home in Indiana… there were an epic amount of Tornadoes! My hometown suffered massive destruction, in fact.Β  It made national news.

Thank God me and my family were okay. Others in the community, though, lost their homes. With all that going on, blogging didn’t seem too high on the priority list, ya know?

Life does go on and after a week of no phones or internet, I’m anxious to share my first make-over with you.


When I saw this beautifully hideous muumuu for .99 cents, I actually knew right away I wanted to wear it to the beach.

To make it into the perfect cover-up I had envisioned, I first made a cut


Then I put it on Minnie and took it in a few inches from the back.

Pin allllll the way down.

And, I actually needed to do some repair work on some of the seams. A simple straight stitch did the trick!


All I needed to do now was wait until we actually made it to Florida πŸ™‚

White and pasty and SO ready for sun!

A perfect swimsuit cover-upper! πŸ™‚


First vacation since we got married… and it was so worth the wait πŸ™‚


A girl could get used to this!

I have plenty more refashions to share from my Glorious Florida Vacation. In the meantime thoughts and prayers for Kokomo would be greatly appreciated.

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