Happy Halloween: Part III :)

I like Halloween. I start thinking of my and hubs costumes in about, oh, April. Yeah, I do. Sadly, when you work 6 jobs accumulatively life NEVER turns out the way you plan and we’ve only been able to dress up ONCE!

Alas, life goes on and I was bound and determined to dress up this year no matter what!

After a series of unfortunate Halloween-costume-NOT-coming-to-fruition events… hubs and I settled for a VERY last minute DIY costume:


Surely, Tim (yes, Hubs has a name) could whip this up with stuff already in his closet.  I could whip up a red dress in no time.

I made a trip to, where else, Goodwill. I paid 4.29 for this red top… It’s not .99 cents… but it’s still not a terrible price.

4X twofer, ironically enough, that was sold originally at my Job #2…

I made some quick chops… well, cuts, rather 🙂


Then I had to get creative with the front and back panels of the shirt to make it “fit” into the dress I wanted. For this, I actually busted out a pattern that I bought a while ago. I was really in a time crunch… a pattern would ensure it’d be right 🙂

See how I rigged that?

This is ALLL I used of the pattern. I still hate them with a passion. I wung (winged? wang? I never get this one) it from here.

There was so much material, though, that I had plenty for sleeves, the back, and a simple belt. It was a hodge podge of pieces constructed together but, hey, not bad for a last minute dealio.


My whole tribe of family members loved it… Minus the little ones who don’t know what Ghostbusters is yet 😦


Minus my red top, this DIY Halloween costume was absolutely FREE!

What a fun, last minute idea for a fun night of candy eating lunacy 🙂

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