Happy Halloween: Part 1

I typically make it a rule NOT to sew for other people. Sewing what you want is fun… when it’s a job for someone else it’s a, er, job. Not fun; however, I was hanging with my gal pal, Billie. She casually mentioned that her daughter was going to be Pebbles for Halloween and that she was having a hard time finding the right costume without paying a ton of money for it. I told her to just go to Goodwill on .99 day and MAKE one, right? It’ll be easy, I said… Yeah, long story short, I ended up making it for her 🙂

This is the .99 cent shirt we decided to go with.

Using one of Lucia’s existing shirts as a “pattern” I marked the green shirt and made the necessary cuts.

See? Nothing to it.

Taking inspiration from the REAL Pebbles (her top is green, people. Not pink!), I made it just a regular tank style and got rid of the short sleeves that you see here in the pic. Also, the material behind the red shirt is actually inside out so it would be immediately ready for the sewing machine.

Using a Janome DC5100, I selected my overcast stitch and I sewed the side and top seams.


Overcast mimics the “look” and binding effect of the stitch you’d get on a serger. So, for those of you who’ve always wondered what this funky looking stitch on your sewing machine is, wonder no more: Overcast.

All that’s left to do is make it “Pebbly” with the black markings on it. I chose some black felt laying around in my stash, and cut them into angular shapes.

Turn it right side out… put the felt where you want, and pin it down.

Now we get to the fun part! Instead of just doing a boring applique like I always do, I decided to bust out a specialty machine:

Say Hello to the Janome Xpression.

This machine is pretty awesome. It uses no thread, no bobbin, and is a multi-needle machine exclusively for the use of felting and crafts.

The 5 needles punch in to the fabric, fastening it all together.
The underside.

What’s really cool is that you accomplish this all by free-motioning.  There’s no feed system on a felting machine, so you can go crazy. Seriously, check this machine out. If you do a lot of crafting/embellishing and you don’t want a sewing machine, the Xpression is a fabulous alternative!

Finished Product:

I left the arm and neck edges raw… I thought it only befitting to go with the Bedrock theme 😉

After it was all said and done, Billie and I realized that Pebbles had some blue bloomers! DUH! How did those turn out? Stayed tuned for the next post and see how Lucia rocked her Halloween look 🙂

And… even though I wasn’t technically sewing for myself, I have to admit I did have fun with this project 🙂 Billie is a busy single mom and a great friend. What kind of a friend would I be if I didn’t helpa sista out?

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