Turtleneck makeover

As I mentioned yesterday, I like turtlenecks. As warm as they are they can, unfortunately, be a little blase though…


Minnie is modeling a turtleneck I purchased this summer at a garage sale for a meager .50 cents. I liked the pattern of the florals on it (thought it was quite autumnal, indeed). Plus, it is SUPER warm! 🙂 As someone who is perpetually cold, that’s a quality I admire.

I just wanted to give it a bit of a makeover

Off with your neck!

I put it back on Minnie inside out to take it in a few sizes.  Pinned down on each side, I got the fit I was happy with. Then, I cut the excess fabric off.


Run it under the sewing machine (Du Jour, it’s a Janome 8900).

This isn’t project runway. DON’T sew over your pins. Yes, it’s tedious… but just do yourself and your machine a favor and take the pins out before your needle reaches them. This is what I do for a living. Just trust me. M’kay 🙂

I did the same thing with the sleeves because they also had to be taken in… At this point though, I still had a pretty blase top sans turtle neck… so, I assessed my “scraps” situation and began to play around with them…


I took a chance and made the boat neck into an asymmetrical v-neck. Right there on my dress form, I got my scissors and cut the shape I liked. Then I realized what I wanted to do with the scraps.

I sewed them (right sides together) in to tubes, turned them right side out and pinned them to my new v-neck.

Ah ha! 🙂

Then I sewed them around the rest of the neckline with a straight stitch.


This is much more fashionable than the turtleneck (may he rest in peace) AND it still keeps me warm!


This is the face you get when there’s no courtesy countdown…
Much better 🙂
.50 cents well spent.



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