Off-Shoulder Tunic

I bought this shirt at a garage sale this summer for .50 cents. It’s a J.Jill, which is pretty good quality. They’re out of business now, but this shirt was pretty well in tact. No rips or stains or pilling in the stretch of the material. It was a buy I was stoked about!


…I just had NO idea what I was going to do with it! :-/ Until I came across this picture in my Victoria’s Secret catalog last week.

Taken with my phone.. can ya tell?

I got to work by cutting off the mini ruffle detail at the v-neck.


I thought this left-over could be re-worked into the cowl neck of the new shirt… but there wasn’t enough of it. It would’ve looked really lame. So, I just kept going with this refashion like I planned (hoping that I would have enough scraps at the end to make a larger cowl, just like my inspiration piece).

Sans mini ruffle.

I really wanted to emulate the “oversized” look. Even though it’s an “XL” shirt, I didn’t want to take it in too much.

Just a couple inches ought to do the trick.

I pinned all the way down the front. Then, I cut the excess material off right then and there. I’ve found it easier to do it this way. The refashionista (my overall inspiration) takes in her fabric, sews it down, and THEN cuts the extra material off. I’ve tried it… I find that contending with the bulk of the extra fabric throws me off.Β  It’s easier for me, personally, to pin, cut, and then sew. That’s another thing I love about sewing… do what works for you. No rules πŸ™‚

Then, I had to make this “off-shoulder.”


This is where my brilliance came in to play πŸ™‚ I realized that I would not have enough scraps left to use this material for the cowl… so, I grabbed a black turtle neck.

Can you guess what I’m gonna do? πŸ™‚

I’m in the rare minority of peeps that actually LIKE turtlenecks! I do. There’s a few holes in the sleeves that I had intended to repair but I decided that refashioning it into an awesome tunic would be a little more inspiring. I made a cut down the side of this bottom scrap, opened it, folded it length wise (into a tube),Β  and sewed it down.

I pinned it to the new neck of my shirt… and also decided to make the back the front and the front the back (I didn’t like having a big long seam all the way down the front of my shirt).

Much better with a smooth “front”

Sew it down with a straight stitch and abracadabra! πŸ™‚


a color block off-shoulder tunic is born πŸ™‚


I hate to play favorites but… πŸ™‚

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