Monster Toy Bag

This past weekend, I had my grandson. He has, shall we say, toys galore. We keep them in an oversized Christmas gift bag. I had intended for the gift bag to be used as a gift bag… not sure how it became lil man’s toy chest.

Poor Frosty is bursting at the seams… er, folds?

Not exactly ideal… I was paroosing pinterest, like I always do and I saw this project from another really cool blog.

Super cool tote bag!

I decided a tote bag like this one would be much more practical for lil man’s toys 🙂

First, I found some “boy” friendly fabric in my stash and decided on this

His favorite color is DARK blue… but I guess this’ll work.

I am so lazy that I didn’t even bother to do any measuring. I just followed the folds already implemented into the fabric from months of being in storage at good ol’ Job #1. As is, the fabric was already constructed (as in, already shaped like a tote), I just needed to serge 2 of the 4 sides.

one side is already done… the top side remains open for the toys 🙂

I didn’t like any of my other scraps of fabric for the facial features for the monster, so I decided to use felt instead. I used a CD as the template for the eyeballs and just “wung” (winged? wang?…) the other shapes.

Pinned in place

I appliqued the pieces onto the body of the bag, just like I did with Rylee’s backpack. This time though, I just used a straight stitch instead of a zig zag. Stitching zig zag over circled items is quite difficult.

Once that task was finished, I needed to make my straps. I found some fun green material in my stash. As an added bonus, it was already cut into perfect strips. These particular scraps were obviously donated by a quilter… God bless her for doing all the work for me 🙂

Right sides together, I sewed them down. Then I turned them right side out (which is a bit tricky. Take your time with that). I gave them a good press and then sewed them down on the sides again (this time right sides up) to sort of tack it down.

Before I attached these to the body of the bag, I wanted to finish the top raw edge first.

Pinned, and ready to sew

Now, I can attach the straps with peace of mind 🙂

Straight stitch oughtta tack it down just fine

After a bit of trimming.. my, er, grandson’s monster toy bag was finished!

A bit wrinkled from the appliqueing process…

Not a bad “copy cat” project, if I do say so myself! 🙂

Monster bag is hungry for your toys!

I was so inspired by lil man’s new toy storage, I got really cray cray…

I knew I was saving that shoe rack for a reason..

His bigger toys, crayons, slippers, and other little odds and ends fit quite nicely. Yah organization!

I blatantly copied the idea for this bag; however, I used the materials I had at my disposal. I guess the point is that you can make anything you want to with what you already have. Don’t worry so much about following directions or getting new materials to make something cool… just do it 🙂

Cost of this project: FREE

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