Guffey Acres Scarf

Hubs and I had our grandson this weekend and we really wanted to take him to Guffey Acres. It’s a local place with a corn maze, hay rides, a pumpkin patch, apple cider… everything you could possibly wish for in a Harvest outing, Guffey Acres has to offer. I love Halloween and Harvest stuff, so I was really excited to go! I knew it was going to be really chilly, so I figured I would need to dig through my collection of scarves to officially “ring” in Fall.


You’d never know it from looking in my closet but I have purged about a million of them from my wardrobe.Ā  This was a favorite so I kept it.

I will confess, I get really bored with stuff (my hair, my clothes, tv shows…even my refashions, etc, etc) really quickly.Ā  I can’t help it. I don’t know why I’m this way, but I am. Anyhoo, I love this scarf but I’m completely bored with it.

A simple change would spice it up šŸ™‚


Will it turn out to be a true “wine” color… no one knows šŸ™‚ That’s the beauty (and the angst) of using dye.

Drum roll, please:


The scarf turned out just fine… but our trip to Guffey Acres did not. Little man was sick šŸ˜¦

The lesson learned is that into each life a little rain must fall… but when you have a fun “new” scarf and the cutest grandson ever (even when he’s sick) it’s hard to let the other stuff get you down šŸ™‚









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