Shirt to Dress Reprise

Remember this refashion at the inception of this humble blog? 🙂

Remember me?

I like this dress… but I’m already bored with it.

First of all, this was one of the first refashions I ever did. I didn’t have a dress form or a clue as to what I was doing!  The construction of this left much to be desired. I worked on this a long, long, LONG time and just about gave up on the whole “refashion” thing all together!

Second of all, I like dresses… but I don’t necessarily love them for just day-to-day wear. Maxi dresses are the exception to that rule as Maxi dresses are freakin’ awesome 🙂

In summation: We’re changing it!

I started by taking out the elastic that I put in right under the bust. Then, I put it on my dress form and pinned it down nice and snug. When I took it in on the side this time, I used a serger.

SO much better.

Yes, I used white thread… don’t you judge me! 🙂

Then, I cut off quite a bit of length and hemmed the edge under with THIS Janome sewing machine

11lbs, heavy duty, digital, cute… what more could you want?

A refashioned refashion is born


I’m trying to figure out the best lighting on my OLD camera…
Paired with a wool blazer. Mornings have been frigid! (another .99 cent Goodwill find btw).

I’m not vain… just overly critical of all my pictures and my camera :-/ If it were left up to me I wouldn’t even PUT pictures on here… but that would kind of defeat the whole “Before and after” thing, wouldn’t it? You see my dilemma! 🙂

Bottom line though, horrid pictures or good ones, I am going to wear this MUCH more as a shirt than a dress. Why spend time sewing out a garment you’re never gonna wear?! Not cool. Also, that’s the beauty of refashioning. If you get bored with something, CHANGE it!


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