Pink Muumuu

I have for you today yet another muumuu.


Muumuus have become a recent obsession of mine. Perhaps I should do a series on them or something… “A muumuu a day” hmm…


Modern Family has also become a recent obsession of mine thanks to my brother #1 🙂

Anyhoo, this refash was quite simple indeed. I love the simple ones! 🙂

First I seam ripped out the elastic waistband. Elastic is fabulous but not for what I want to do with this dress… Then, I made a big chop.

I’m thinking maxi skirt for that scrap…

Then I hemmed the bottom edge of the top scrap


And I did it on this awesome Janome Sewing Machine.

DC 2013

That’s it! I didn’t take it in or redo the neckline or dye it… Talk about easy. For you who have zero desire to sew, this could easily be a no-sew refash by omitting the finished hem on the bottom…. Obvi 😉

I wore it “backwards” because I thought that would give it more of an oversized dolman look.


How cool is that print? It deserves a close-up

Pink is always a good choice


Paired with a navy tank (I’m all about navy right now!), and my favorite statement necklace, this .99 cent refashion is a new fave.


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