It’s still Summer top

I love Summer. 74 degrees or less and I’m freezing; not chilly, not a little cold, freezing! So Summer is definitely my kinda season. Indiana hasn’t had a real Summer this year, though. Our seasons have been jacked up for a while now. September has been the warmest month so far, and ironically enough, tomorrow is the first day of Fall. What the heck?

I’ve been basking in the heat lately and I wanted to make a cool summery top while I can. When I found this dress at Goodwill on .99 day I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I loved the color and the lightweight-ness of the fabric. Plus, as an added bonus, it was new. Department stores will eventually donate their final clearance items and since there were several of this dress I knew this was one such item.

Ya gotta love it!

First thing’s first


I put the bottom scrap on Minnie and began pinning the shape I wanted

Lookin’ good

I had to unpin one side to get it off the dress form, which is kind of annoying but that’s the only way to do it. Then, you have to re-pin it. This is where a fabric marker comes in handy. Mark dots down the pins on the front and back of the material (while it’s still on your dress form), remove the pins and the material from the dress form, and then line those marks up together so the pins are back in their original spot… make sense? Then run it under a sewing machine.

Working at a sewing machine shop, I have my pick of any and every sewing machine I want 🙂 The one I chose for this job was this beauty

Janome Horizon MC8200

This bad boy has a built in walking foot, an 11″ long arm AND a free arm! Hello! Those of you familiar with sewing know that those features do not come available in “household” machines. Anyhoo, I sewed just a straight stitch down the markings of where I pinned the shirt. I had to take care of a few raw edges, but first I wanted to try it on just to make sure I got the fit right. Sometimes the “transfer” of the material from Minnie to the machine leaves room for error… the fit was actually perfect; however, there was a slight problem


Since I sewed the straight stitch on the wrong side of the fabric (which is the understood RULE of sewing!) in stead of the right side it bunched up like this because I didn’t cut the sleeve seams away from the bodice seams. It was just one seam so, lesson learned, do that on the RIGHT side of the material next time!


Seam Rip it out…

RIGHT side of the fabric out, I sewed the same straight stitch I had before. This result turned out better 🙂 Then I finished the raw edge around the new neckline.

Lastly, I made a cut on the side seams to expose my shoulders. I didn’t hem those raw edges at all since this material doesn’t fray.

How ya like them apples?

Hubs and I had an afternoon off but duty does call and he had to make a trip into the office. This little gal is his office “mascot.”

I wore this in to Job #2 in the evening and received several compliments from our customers. Minus the “incident” this was a pretty darn easy refashion. I think Summer was able to go out with a bang on this one!bcollage

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