If it’s not broke, don’t fix it top

When I’m not in the mood to shop at the Goodwill on .99 cent Sunday, I like to treat myself to consignment shops. We have a few in my home town, but my favorite is a little place called Our Friend’s Closet. They basically have the exact same hours as Job #1, so I have to go on my day off (when I get that day off by not working Job #2). It may be a while between visits, but when I get there I always score something amazing!

Had a SATC moment when I saw this: “Hello, my name is ‘fabulous’!”

Take a closer look:

Slight bling and some chain stitch embellishment

The color is subtle, but for a person who has a Soft Summer complexion (such as myself), this color is most flattering, indeed 🙂

Sidebar: Have you taken YOUR free quiz yet??? I really can’t stress it enough: KNOW YOUR SEASON!

Seeing as how this shirt was perfect right off the rack, I didn’t have to do a THING to alter it!

Perfect for a casual family get together on a Sunday night. Just strikin’ a pose, waitin’ in line to get my food. Hai.
We just-so-happened to celebrate Sis-in-law’s Bday while we were at it 🙂
Girl after my own heart! *tear


Me and Hubs.

A new Summer favorite! 🙂

This beautiful summer tunic is 100% silk and came from The Loft. Whoever bought this, and stupidly got rid of it, paid a pretty penny for it originally.

I only paid $3.99 for it and I assure you, it will be in my “rotation” for years to come 🙂

2 thoughts on “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it top

  1. Oh couldn’t agree more….so enjoy shopping @ Our Friends Closet. Have you heard of Twice As Nice in Lafayette? They’ve recently gone through a store change – new owner. They are catering more to the ladies in your age range now. Not near as large as Our Friends Closet, but a lovely place to shop. I highly recommend it. First working day of each month ( that includes Saturdays) they offer 75% off of everything that hasn’t sold in the last 3 months. Amazing what deals I’ve walked out of there with over the last 20+ years!!

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