No-sew blouse

Here’s a secret: I mess up a LOT!!!

I’d venture to say I have more sewing fails than successes. They’ve been happening more frequently, too… When I say “Accidentally” a seamstress, I mean it. I’m a walking oxymoron! 😦 After I blow major chunks on a project I will inevitably get down about it and want to give up completely… but then I’ll get my bearings back and do a no-sew project. It’s virtually impossible to mess those up! (Although, if anybody could mess them up it’d be me).

Wait just a darn second…

No, you’re not going crazy. This is the same post from Tuesday 🙂

Before I made it into a halter, I wore this without ANY help from my sewing machine.

Buh and Bye!

That is my kitchen counter at home, y’all. I do all my refashions at Job #1, so this should be proof that this was a spur of the moment thing… I unbuttoned the blouse at the back of the neck and pulled my shoulders out. Then, I wrapped the sleeves under my bust to create an empire waist line.

My brother snapped a picture of it at work:

White cardi on the counter b/c we really must keep it work appropriate, n’est ce pas?

Not only do I work with my brother, he takes all my “after” shots. As if that weren’t enough, he even does my side-by-side “Before & After” shot on allllll my refashions. What a guy! 🙂

Me and “#3″… Us, Christmas 2009 (it’s the only one I could find of us on my computer…)

#3 will also treat me to lunch on occasion. Do wonder never CEASE with this man?!?!

Mmm. Cheese Quesadilla at our favorite local Mexican place!

P.S. The gal who took our order AND a gal pal of mine who’s a regular patron to said establishment both complimented me on my no-sew top! 🙂

After I got off of work at Job #1, I went right into work at Job #2. Since I’m not supposed to put ANYTHING online in regards to job #2, this next pic is quite naughty, indeed…

We got this bra by mistake… My equally rebellious coworker just had to capture the moment! I guess it’s “naughty” for more than one reason 😉

Let’s hope to God no one from corporate sees this… 

There it is folks; just a typical day in the life of Laura: I work, eat, work some more, and try to look like I know what I’m doing with my refashion projects…

#3’s photo shop skills in action!

I have 3 brothers. I have a unique bond with each of them… Though they would never admit it, they love me 🙂 They got my back. Today’s post was a shout out to #3, obviously (and an unsuccessful–let’s hope–attempt to get fired from Job #2…). There will be plenty more blog posts to brag on #1 and #4 🙂

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