Labor Day halter

When I saw this shirt at Goodwill for .99 cents, I had to have it!


It’s a satiny material that’s really comfortable. You may not be able to see well but the print is paisley-like with hues of gold, pink, red, and navy.  It’s subtle but nifty. I dig the vintage/old lady vibe of it… I’m on an “old lady” kick as of late. Just a few tweaks would update it.

Making the cut.

I was going to keep this relatively simple. I thought a dressy blouse would be nice for Job #2. The plan was to keep the basic shape of this as-is; just polish it up a bit.

However, when I put the dress on Minnie, I noticed some offensive stains.

They’re real… and they’re not spectacular!

Armpit stains are a deal breaker when I’m “Goodwill Hunting”!  I obviously missed these in my original inspection.  Lady Macbeth am I not. The ONLY way to deal with such an atrocity is to CUT it out.

“Out damned spot!”  😉

Stain gone; problem solved… half of my shirt is now gone too. That’s okay. I pinned the raw edges all the way around and sewed them down. For the neckline, I did the same thing but I left enough room for a casing.

Stain-free scraps 🙂

I sewed these down with a straight stitch, turned them right-side out using my bodkin, and fed them trough the casing at my new neckline.

A halter is born! …I hate this picture.

True to my arm-hating modest self, I paired this with a shrug


After I put in 8 hours (Yah for time and a half!) at Job #2, all my boys and I headed out to a Labor Day cookout, courtesy of Uncle Bruce and Aunt Liz 🙂

Grandson is ready for the boat ride 🙂


Someone’s getting sleepy…
Gotta love “torturing” the kids! 😉
Buddies 🙂

What would The Fourth of July Labor Day be without a few fireworks?

Who CAN take a pic of fireworks???

For .99 cents I have a nifty and comfortable halter that’s versatile enough to go with any shrug imaginable 🙂 And, I have plenty armpit stain-free scraps to use on a future project!

Ya gotta love “Thrifting”! 🙂

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