Project Dress form

I never understood the importance of a dress form. I’m not a “dress maker” nor am I a contestant on Project Runway (My new favorite show, by the way!); therefore, I didn’t see the relevance of one. Even after I jumped on the Refashioning Bandwagon I didn’t think I’d need one…

After months of refashioning (and MANY a failed refashions, at that!)… I submit. I do, in fact, need a dress form.

As you may have noticed from past posts I DO have one

Standard Issue, courtesy Job #1

I’m sure you’ve seen her lurking around in my before pics here and there. She’s almost got a “Where’s Waldo?” kind of presence about her. To the naked eye she looks “small” …to ME she does anyway. I’ve taken her measurements and she’s a size 12. 12 is relatively small, indeed… I, myself, just don’t happen to be a size 12.

I utilized her assistance, nonetheless, in previous endeavors under the assumption I could just “convert” the measurements… but without any success…


I could buy a new Dress form that’s my size, but they can cost a shiny penny or two. The only solution is to make one.

Loosely following this tutorial, I made a dress form out of duct tape.

Oh, the humiliation…

I made my husband wrap me hoping that would appease the humiliation somewhat… wouldn’t cha know, it was actually worse! šŸ™‚ Yeah… not a fan of having my man all up in my business with a microscope (not that it’s “new” to him or anything but…good grief!).

At least my neck looks small… šŸ™‚

2 hours later… (Seriously. We made it through the whole movie 13 Going on 30 to get this done!)… I had a dress form šŸ™‚

Getting out of this thing was quite the arduous task :-/ And, believe me, I was ready to get out of it! Imagine a girdle times a thousand!

Hubs cut it from the back, then I had to re-duct tape it together, and stuff it…

And I shall call her, Mini Me!

I don’t really see MUCH difference between mine and the other one… Hmm… we’ll see how this goes šŸ™‚

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