Always a Bridesmaid…

Okay, so I’m not quite as bad as the chick from 27 Dresses πŸ™‚ but I definitely have had more bridesmaid dresses than I’d like to admit… I’ve gotten rid of all of them but ONE!

Fat Laura, circa July 2000

Being escorted by my pal, Lee, this was at my brother’s wedding. Considering this was 13 years ago, the dress really isn’t all that offensive. My sis-in-law had (and still has) taste.

I was just getting ready to head off to college at this point (can’t believe I’ve been out for nearly 10 years…), so I entrusted the fate of this dress to my mother.

We look so young!

Mommy Dearest; however, hoarded the dress in her closet. To save it for another special occasion, perhaps? I don’t know.

I was sneakily rummaging through her purse collection while she and dad were on vacation…

Recognize that hot “mustard” Fossil numba?

…yeah, that’s my mom’s purse that I “borrowed” for the Summer. Much like my Nanny’s brooches, I like to borrow my mother’s equally tasteful accessories. Not only did I score this wicked awesome purse, I stumbled across this bridesmaid dress from yesteryear…

I mean, seriously, mom. It’s been 13 years… I dare say that “rainy day” you were saving this for has come and gone.

13 years later…

Envisioning a Maxi dress, I trimmed a little off the top…


Then I dyed it. Sure, the directions say not to dye “Polyester” mix fabric. Rules, schmules.

Hello, Mr. Rit. We will do great things together.

The dye job actually turned out just fine, but I ended up cutting off the dress from the waist up. Then, I did a “Shirring” method on what would be my new bodice. I don’t have pictures of that. I’ll sum up that procedure: I used elastic thread in my bobbin and regular thread in my needle. The elastic thread gives you a gathered look. I sewed about 20 rows like that because this effect is what would hold up my “goods.”

Here’s a random Google Images visual for you…

And, THAT, is “Shirring” πŸ™‚

When that was finished I decided to give my dress a fun “High/low” hem at the bottom.

It’s that easy

Of course, you have to finish it (the hem) so I did a rolled hem.

I used pink thread to spice it up.

It was lovely.


The inside of this dress was a very light lavender color, which was satin. Satin does not dye at all. So another reason I did the high/low hem was so you could better see the juxtaposition of the light satin against the darker purple of the new dress. It was a really cool effect, I thought.


Now, I’m ready to wear the updated version to 2nd job.


What a fun way to give life back to a dress that’s, literally, been sitting the closet for 13 years. I find it ironic that I stumbled upon this find the month of Brent and Lyndsi’s Anniversary… freaky.

Happy 13th to my older (much, much older!) brother. πŸ˜‰

P.S… I finally got to wear MY wedding dress on 11.11.11 πŸ™‚

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