Blue Granny Dress

If it were socially acceptable, I would wear this dress as-is 🙂 It is SUPER cute. I’ve been channeling my inner granny here lately… maybe the visit with my 4 year-old grandson this weekend inspired me.

“That’ll be 99 cents,” said the Goodwill cashier.

But, much like my fictional muse George Constanza, wearing this dress as-is would be unthinkable.


Plus, Hubs would probably leave me. Oh well… out with the seam ripper!

Goodbye sleeves and weird front/back tie panel thingy.

I like dresses. They’re great to wear to second job and they’re actually really comfortable… but I end up not wearing them as much as I think I will. So, instead of making this a dress, I figured I’d wear it more as a blouse. Why refashion something you’re never gonna wear???

Chop then measure! “Wait: strike that, reverse it.” 😉

I tried it on at this point and the fit wasn’t too bad. I had intended to wear this with a sassy belt, so a little extra material wouldn’t hurt anything. The neckline, however, was a little too high so I folded it in half lengthwise:

See where I’m going with this?

…and I cut a deeper “scoop.”

Ah ha! Now, we’re getting somewhere!

All that’s left to do is finish those raw edges…

How pretty is that fabric? There’s even some silver metallic thread in there.

And, we can call that a “Wrap,” folks!

Tunic blouse (and me) ready to head to job #2.

Pearls and my Nanny’s brooch complement the original “vintage” part of this dress. Hoop earrings and sauce-y belt Mod it up. I think it’s a great balance between “new” and “old.”

Quick “Puter” game with Grandson before I go.

I was also able to crank out another masterpiece before leaving the house…

Who else could capture “Marcie,” “Quagmire,” Dennis Rodman and friends so classically?

Would you believe I work with my best friend? Acca-BELIEVE it! Vicky and I bonded in eighth grade and we’ve been geeks together ever since! We worked all day on Sunday and treated ourselves to some Frozen Yogurt afterwards. No pictures of me AT 2nd job (I got in trouble for that… lesson learned).

Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel… Delish!

As you can see, I’m wearing a sweater. Indiana has had a grand total of 8 days of “Summer” this year. The rest have been freakishly cold and I’m over it!

I’m laughing at Vicky’s “smooth” candid picture taking skills.
60 degrees in LATE July is ridiculous!

Vicky did what only a true friend does when she sees a loved one suffering…


I love her anyway. She’s my sister from another mister 🙂





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