All about the town top

Victoria’s Secret tee $39.95; on clearance now for $29.95

I Love Victoria’s Secret. As a heavy woman, I loathed it :)… now, as a much-lighter-than-I-used-to-be woman, I have to admit it feels pretty darn good to be able to wear their clothes & lingerie. I don’t really want to spend $40 on a tshirt so I end up just getting inspiration from their catalogs… this, of course, being one of them.

I hate my arms, but I like my shoulders; the “cold shoulder” shirt is the perfect solution to all my arm issues!

This was all I had… a lime (ish) top found at a garage sale for 50 cents

First thing’s first:

This isn’t “goodbye,” sleeve… it’s, “See you later.”

Then I had to take this top in a few inches on each side… this could be tricky because it was very chiffony material and it had a lining… More than likely it would pucker because that’s what linings do!

Pinned and marked.

I was downright anal while I did this because, again, there was a stupid lining! So, I thought I would do a “Cheat Stitch” AKA a basting stitch. It’s easier to rip out if I make a mistake…

See how long the stitch is? On my machine that’s 5mm.

Moment of Truth: I turned it inside out… it was perfect! 🙂 No puckerage whatsoever! Yah! To secure the stitch, I just ran it under my Serger. Image

Now, I had to take care of the mess “up top.”  A simple straight stitch would do the trick, but I left the “collar” open because I’m going to reattach my sleeves later…

See that?

Raw Edges annihilated, I can reattach the sleeves. This is where a dress form comes in handy…

…when it’s the right size :-/

That’s okay, dress form. We’ll try something else…

Much better!

The sleeves had a liner too. Ugh. I removed the superfluous lining, finished the raw edges of the one I decided to use, pinned it to my “collar” and sewed it down.

The sleeve is there, I promise.

And, drum roll please….


I had to go into second job in the evening, but Hubs and I did many an activity in the meantime: We looked at a house!

Sunroom of the house
…occupied by a fish I’ll call “Wanda.”

When we didn’t like the house 😦 we decided to brainstorm ways to spruce up OUR house… so we moseyed over to Lowe’s to get some ideas…

Apparently, I also need to invest in a strapless bra…
Okay, honey, STOP taking pictures!

After lunch, I had to go to work. But after work, I went to a local restaurant to see Hubs play with one of his bands.

Outdoor Courtyard. This really is a cool venue, y’all!


Hubby is ALL about the “candid” shot…

As you can see, I spruced up with look with some jewelry and an up-do. I also had on some wicked shoes 🙂

Haha! One day, he’ll take a good pic!

What an eventful Day off (partially) in my “new” shirt 😉

Not bad for a knock-off! And, it only cost me 50 cents 🙂

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