No sewing machine? No problem!

For all my sewing machine phobics out there, I’ve got the perfect no-sew refashion for you today!

It was inspired by the infamous “shirt dress” that we’ve all seen.

Anthropologie $148

When I found the exact same “dress” at Goodwill for only 99 cents, I snatched it up RIGHT away!

We’ll call it “Toasted Pumpkin” to make it sound more glamorous.

I tried on one of my belts with this and, unfortunately it was a little too “billowy” for my liking. The tag said “XS” for gripe’s sake. I’m amazed I could even fit it over my head! Where the heck was all this extra fabric coming from?!?

Upon closer inspection…

Maternity!!! …well, that explains it :-/

I guess Maternity sizes are different than “regular” sizes because no where in the great United States is a size 8 (6 on a really good non-bloated kind of day) an “XS”… oh well.

What to do? What to do?

I really wanted to wear this to church Sunday morning but I actually don’t have a sewing machine at my house so I had to creatively find a way to “cinch” this dress.

I found one of my grandmother’s (“Nanny”) brooches and cinched the material right at the bust…

Isn’t that awesome?

Nanny always had style! 🙂

Nanny & Papaw on their wedding day in 1949… still together 🙂

I rolled up the sleeves, and put on a pair of jeans… There was just a little too much of a leg situation for my liking to wear it as a dress…

Not bad for a spur of the moment refashion, eh?

I wore this to church as planned. I was on the worship team this week so if this refashion sucked I was just going to live with the shame of 300+ spectators…

Striking a pose with my gal pal, Billie. We were color coordinated in our respective “toasted pumpkin” ensembles 🙂

Hubs and I also had a date afternoon at a local Italian Restaurant where much food was consumed!

The best Lasagna I’ve EVER had in. my. life!
I had to pull my hair back to focus on the task before me…

I’ve never done a “no-sew” refashion before; I’m not that creative. I was forced to face my fear, though, this Sunday. Maybe you no sewers out there will face YOUR fears and try doing a sew-refashion 😉


Inspiration piece: $148

Refashioned piece: $1

Savings: $147 🙂



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