Designed to Sell

I’m on a quest to get my house looking really rad. Hubs and I are thinking about selling… We have a small condo and our HOA went up to $135 a month! Crazy. We could (in theory) buy a bigger place and decrease the monthly expense we’re paying out now with our mortgage and HOA fee combined together. Like I said, we’re just thinking.

In the meantime, we’re on a mission to really fix up the condo and get it ready to sell when the time comes.

Remember the purple pillow that I made a new case for? Well, he had a friend.


The pair came with a purple couch I bought in ’05. Seriously loved them more than I can say… 8 years later, I’m ready to move on 🙂 I don’t get attached to “stuff.” Taste and style is always evolving and I like to change it up pretty frequently. Doing that on a budget can prove challenging… but I’m always up for a good challenge 🙂

I dug through the plethora of fabric I have at my disposal.

These are our customer rejects that are donated to us.

I narrowed it down to a couple of red-ish prints… the only 2 red ones we had.

Decisions, decisions…

I really wanted a bright red for this pillow case… even though I liked the darker palm leaf print I actually went with the floral. I thought it would stand out better against all the beige I have in the “back” room where I wanted this pillow to live.

I used the same “pattern” for this pillow that I used for my last one: I cut one panel into an 18.5 X 18.5 inch square; I cut 2 panels into 12.5 X 18 inch squares.

It’s growing on me…

I came up with this “pattern” only because my existing pillow measured 18 X 18. You have to factor in seam allowances, so I gave myself an extra 1/2 inch… it’s not rocket science. Sewing is intuitive… Just use your noggin 🙂

I laid the two smaller panels on top of the larger panel (right sides together), sewed a straight stitch around the edge, turned it right side out, stuffed it with the pillow… Done!

Back of the pillow… see how those 2 panels overlapped? Super easy.

And, a pillow case is born!


I played around with other pillows I had to add more punch…

I’m not a “matchy-matchy” type.. mix and match, baby!

I even got inspired to hang stuff up on the walls! (First time since moving in… no joke).

Colorful frames from Pier 1 I got on clearance, of course 🙂

Still needs some pizazz

Area rug to the rescue

I shopped around quite a bit to find this guy. It would not have been my first choice but where else are you going to find a $40 area rug???? It’s the perfect size and it’s actually the perfect color. We have charcoal gray all through our house so this really ties our spaces together.

Unfinished French Doors (That’ll be another blog post entirely…): Area rug $40; picture frames: $12; Pillow: FREE!

All in all, not a bad investment for a brand new living room 🙂

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