Peasant top

When I showed this 50 cent garage sale find to my husband, he raised an eyebrow and delicately asked, “Is that a…’beeee…fore‘?”

Of course it’s a before, muffin! 🙂

I was excited about this one! …I get excited about all of them, what am I talking about? 🙂

This was going to be really simple. I needed a white spaghetti strap undershirt, so I was just going to chop off most of the skirt, take in the sides and call it a day.

First thing’s first


I was definitely going to use this bottom scrap for a rainy day… Upon closer inspection of the top piece, though, I came across a problem…


I must not have noticed this and the OTHER stains all over the top part of this dress. They were everywhere: in the armpits (even “ewww-er”!), the shirred waist, the straps, everywhere! I wash everything before I wear it, but I must not have noticed these stains when I purchased this with the sun blaring in my face… Luckily, the bottom of the dress was perfect. No stains whatsoever. Look likes today is my rainy day for that “scrap.”

Plan B…

This dress form is all but useless to me as it’s a size 12… but at least I get to kind of see what my refashions will look like on a human and not just in my mind.

There was so much fabric I decided to get really creative and make this a peasant top with sleeves! I do love a good sleeve 🙂

Waste not, want not 😉

I measured 7 inches from each side and marked it with a wash-away blue fabric marker.

See it?

Then, I sewed TWO lines side by side down each of the blue lines… then, I carefully cut in between the two lines…

Is it starting to make sense?

Now, I’ve got this weird, open, droopy neckline thingy to my new shirt that’s just completely unfinished… Elastic to the rescue!

After sewing a casing allllll the way around the top, I used a nifty bodkin to “feed” my elastic through.

The bodkin goes into the casing with the elastic on the other end

This is what happens when it reaches the other side

Reunited and it feels so goooood…

I sewed the elastic together, sewed up the holes in the blouse from whence the elastic fed through, and voila!

Yah sleeves!
I should be at a folk concert lighting incense 😉
But, alas, I’m at work instead.

I have to admit, I like this better than my original plan. This top is super lightweight and perfect for these sweltering 90 degree days. I’ll definitely be wearing this a lot this summer.


3 thoughts on “Peasant top

  1. Gorgeous top and a fab refashion! I sometimes get caught out with stains, I think sometimes the excitement of finding something nice for very little clouds my judgement!!

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