T-shirt Dress

I had NO idea what I was going to do with this t-shirt when I bought it brand spankin’ new from 2nd job for only $1!!! $1 for something new??? Yes! Who cares it was a size 4X. It’s a buck. You can’t buy fabric for a buck. Surely I could figure something out!

Oh so soft.

This was in my Refash Stash for a month or so until I finally decided to tackle it. Sometimes inspiration hits me immediately. Other times not-so-much.

I played with the fit of this shirt and the mock neck fit around my bust perfectly. That’s all I needed to figure this out…

I lopped off of the sleeves and sewed a single straight stitch from both sides of the mock neck alllll the way down to the bottom of the shirt.

Basically, I had a fuchsia colored tube. So, to spruce it up I sewed the sleeves back together to create a “band” to fit over my bust. I cinched it in the middle to give it a gathered bow-esque look.

See the “bow-esque” thingy at the bust? Not bad, eh?

And, that’s all she wrote people.

I wore this to church (with a jacket) and got several compliments on it 🙂


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