A Patriotic Refash

I hope everyone had a great 4th. I know I did! I was off from 1st job all day… but I had to work 2nd job all day instead. Such is life. I’m not exactly going to complain about time and a half 🙂

My manager at 2nd job wanted me to dress patriotic, so red naturally came to mind for the 4th. This was all I had in my “Refash Stash.”

This is “epic” defined 🙂

This is my first old lady dress refash and I was super excited! And as awful as it is now, it’s still pretty fabulous. Red is my second favorite color and I had high hopes for this. My initial plan was to take this in at the sides, cut off most of the skirt, and make it a blousy peplum-ish top.

First thing’s first

I’ll save these for later 🙂

Then, I took it in on the sides

Pinned and measured.

Then I shortened the dress as planned…

I’ll save this for later as well

So, I tried it on at this point… and I hated it! I hated it with a purple (er, red) passion. The shape was just NOT working for me. Plus… this material was crazy hot.

This happens more often than not in my refashions. No problem. Moving on to Plan B:

Goodbye fake peplum… you won’t be missed.

Using a seam ripper (my best friend), I got rid of the banded peplum wannabe. I then had to take care of the raw hem situation it left behind. After pinning and measuring, under the needle it went.


Unfortunately, I got a little too scissor-happy when I was trimming the excess material from the sleeves after I took them in… I didn’t notice it until I had reached this point.

Oopsies… I suck 😦

I wanted to leave the cuff on the sleeves, but I guess that’s not gonna happen now is it?? No problem, right? Moving on to Plan C! (Do you ever have one of those days???).

Au Revoir

I finished up the new raw edge of the sleeve with a rolled hem, of course! 🙂 And, I put in a couple darts on the back of the blouse to make it more fitted.

Pigging out at holiday function: check

You know what? I actually like it this way MUCH better than my original plan 🙂

Striking a side pose with the cutest niece ever! 🙂 Work it, girl.




In the midst of all the festivities, I didn’t get a full-fledged “after” photo… Oops, again. Hopefully, you get the idea. I, for one, loved the final product.

Happy 4th, y’all


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