Girls’ Day Out Top

My hometown doesn’t happen to have a Dollar-a-pound Goodwill. No problem. I just wait until Sunday to get all my goodies. Every Sunday is 99 cent day (99 cents on the sale color of the week, that is). When I’m not working 2nd job on Sundays, I’ll  load up and get all my goods 🙂

This shirt was one such find…


It’s actually not bad as-is. I kind of like it. It fit me pretty well. There were no stains on it. It’s comfortable and I even like the print.

The problem is… it’s kinda boring. I have a closet full of black and white shirts. A revamping was in order!

First, I gave it a hot bath in “Fuchsia” RIT Dye. I was in the mood to wear pink 🙂

Next, I lopped off 6in from the sleeves


Even though the fit was pretty good, I wanted to tighten it up a wee bit. I took in a half an inch on each side

See the needle position?

The needle is as far to the left as it can get. Instead of measuring, I just used the right edge of the fabric as my guide for feeding the material through the machine. With the needle in the far left position, it creates a wider seam allowance… hence, taking it in further than if the needle had just been in the center position.


I did this on both sides, obvi 🙂 Then I took care of that raw edge on the sleeves

“Free Arms” are perfect for such an occasion

I tried my shirt on, and the sleeves were a bit too loose. I like them to be pretty fitted on the forearm when I roll them up. A little lipo was in order. Using the same left needle position method that I used with the sides, I took in the sleeves as well.

I’m excited about the pink

And that’s all, folks!

I wore this on stage at church (I’m in the worship team).

This was perfect for a casual contemporary service (and rather chilly late-June day)…

My gal pal Billie and I enjoyed an easy lunch at Chili’s afterwards

What’s a girls’ day without a wee bit of shopping? 🙂

Baby Lucia is AWESOME 🙂 Heart her

I think we can categorize this as being ONE of the easiest refashes ever. This was so simple. Just a few changes really gave this shirt some personality… and I really love it 🙂




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