Black Trousers

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m poor …just in case there’s any confusion 🙂

I also have been in need of a pair of black trousers! Bad. I have a full-time job, which is pretty casual in terms of dress code; however, my second job is a bit more spiffy. I have to dress up for that gig. Khakis are acceptable, but trousers are preferred. I have one pair of trousers that my sister-in-law handed down to me. I love them because they’re a size six! I am so not normally a size six. Though I love them, I can’t exactly wear the same pants to 2nd job every night.


The pants sis-in-law gave me are grey and they came from New York & Company. This black pair in the same style is $49.95. Right now, they’re actually on clearance (go figure). The problem is, I really, truly don’t have that money in my budget left over some weeks. Bills take priority… blasted bills!

So I dug deep into my own closet and found these

16W Lane Bryant Trousers

These pants used to fit me like a glove. I wore them with everything. I kept them in my closet as a reminder of how far I’m come in my weight loss. I wanted to leave them as-is but… I really needed a pair of black pants.

Plus, I had never taken in pants. I was actually pretty excited to challenge myself.

Challenge accepted, old friend!

I don’t have any “during” pics for this one either and I have to tell you, I nearly lost my religion on these. I almost gave up in the middle of the project, but after re-grouping and taking a day off (seriously), I got back to work.

I removed the belt loops, sewed down the pockets and cut them out altogether. I took 8 inches out of the waist from the back, which required me to take in the rest of the “butt” and the crotch, which was expletive deleted! Then, I took in each pant leg 2 inches (inner leg and outer leg hems).

I should’ve just seam ripped the crotch completely out (and the leg seams), taken the appropriate inches off at that point, and then just reattached them. Heck, it probably would’ve been easier to just start from scratch!

But, alas, I always seem to make things more difficult than they have to be. In the end though, I got them to fit! Someone please cue the “Hallelujah Chorus” 🙂

Front view…kind of
They almost fit like a glove again!

I’m even rocking those trousers AT work!


Yah for “new” black trousers

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